5 Surprising Facts About Durian

With its onion-custard flavor and a strong and pungent smell, the durian fruit is perhaps the most notorious fruit of all. However, despite the appearance and smell, there's no harm reading and knowing some of the surprisingly interesting facts that the durian fruit have!

Durian Keeps You Warm

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)'s context, durian is considered a warming food as it contains sulfides and can induced a warming sensation in the human body after consumption.

Durian May Make Your Cough Better

Researchers believed that the durian fruit's analgesic and antibacterial properties are the main contributors to fighting against a stubborn cough, when they concluded the scientific experiment on the thesis.

Durian May Worsen Kidney Disease

Durian is high in Potassium, which is essential for proper nerve and muscle function. It may sound pleasant to the body, but its quite deadly for those with Kidney Disease.

These patients have to constantly monitor their Potassium intake level to ensure stability in their medical condition. Hence, durian should not be consumed by people with any types of Kidney Disease and End-Stage Renal Disease.

Durian Is Full Of Antioxidants

To put it in simpler terms, antioxidants supports brain & skin health, protects the heart and  reduces DNA & cell mutation significantly. If you love durian or wouldn't mind trying durian, you may want to consider finding durian fruit and eat it!

Durian May Encourage Normal Cholesterol Level

Having high cholesterol level is a great concern for the government and individuals, many countries have been trying to come up with health campaigns to encourage people to live healthier.

However the good news is, scientific research had proven that durian fruit helps to stabilize cholesterol level in human body! Guess this is another way to lower the high cholesterol level in human body?