A HUGE NO to eat these with Durian!

Before we rush ahead to gorge ourselves with this heavenly durian fruit, take some time to go through the 6 food / drink not advised to be consume together with durian!


It is not advised to drink alcohol drinks and eating durians at the same time! Durian contains high sulfur content that inhibits the enzymes in your body, which helps to break the alcohol consumed.

If consumed the two together, the person is going to feel really sick and terrible and may eventually collapsed!

Milk Products

It sounds yucky isn't it? But if you ever wanted to drink milk and eat durian at the same time, please don't! Having milk and durian at the same time can led to increase in blood pressure and in rare cases, fatal consequences.

Caffeine Drinks

Caffeine Drinks can caused cardiac failure when consumed with durian meat. If you happened to be very tired, wanted to grab a cup of coffee but wanted to have some durian too...You should probably get some sleep and have the durian afterwards.

Egg Plant

Having fruits and vegetables is healthy for the body, in this case you may wished to eat your favorite Egg Plant with the Durian Fruit. It is not advised as both Egg Plant and Durian are considered heaty and warm food, and can caused human to fall sick.

Seafood Crab

While durian is classified as a heaty food, seafood crab is the opposite as is considered a cooling food to the body. Consuming both at the same time will cause the digestive system to be confused and allowed stomach upset to happen.

Beef & Mutton

Red meat are considered heaty food and when consumed with durian, it adds on the heat in human body and people will tend to fall sick easily.