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About Us is a community site that brings together people who loves durians and durian related collectibles such as accessories, household decorations and even clothing like durian designed t-shirts!

Dubbed the king of fruits in Asia, the popularity (or unpopularity!) of the fruit has spread to many countries. For instance, imports of durians to China has been increasing year after year and it is also not uncommon to find the fruit in places like USA or UK. In similar ways, durians is like the cheese of western countries!

At, we also educate our visitors and topics related to it. From the history of this special fruit to the science behind the pungent smell and even talking about nutritional facts, you will find a wide array of information at your fingertips.

As we are constantly growing the site to make it better and more relevant for all, we will continue to add even more informative resources and collectibles for the durian fanatics. In time to come, we will introduce durian food products that will be available for sale worldwide to cater to the increasing number of durian lovers around the world. Sign up to our newsletter for more updates, stay tuned!

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