Beware The Tricks of Durian Seller!

Now, you are all good in choosing a good durian. What’s next? That is to beware of the tricks of some durian trader, sneaky little tricks.

Durian Swop

Assumed that you have picked an ideal durian that has the best ripeness and quality, you decided to take-away and enjoy it at home. When you got back home, all ready and excited for the durians, just to realize, the durian is not the one you had picked!?

That is probably because the durian vendor had most probably swop the durians when you are not looking. They sneakily replaced your good quality durians with either some bad durians he can’t sell or low quality durians that cost cheaper.

Spoilt Pre-Packed Durians

Source: Quora

Avoid buying durians that are pre-packed as much as possible. If you really have no choice, do open the durians, give it a smell or taste to ensure the durians are in good state before you buy it.

This is because some durian seller will tend to pack in half spoilt, overnight or overripe durians. They are likely to packed it in a nice manner and sell it at cheaper price.

Conceal Defect Durians

Sometimes, the durians vendor will hold the durians or us to choose. They will place the durian on their hands which are wearing those anti-cut, thick and heavy gloves.

Those gloves perfectly help the vendors to cover up the rotten or open side of the durian. While you look and examine the durian fruit, the damage is hold against his thick, large heavy glove where you can’t see it.

Even if they cut the durian to let you check, they will also tend to hide the rotten parts or spots with wormholes by opening the durian on the uninfected side. Then when you get home, happily open the durian to find a half-spoiled or rotten fruit.

In a Durian Shell

After knowing these common tricks by dishonest and sly durian trader, I still believe most of the durian vendors are still selling with integrity.

Just keep it as knowledge, and next time when you are experiencing familiar situation, you will not get trick. It’s always better to stay safe than sorry.

An experienced durian vendor helper advises: “Eat on site, never take-away.” The chances of getting trick are almost zero, and in case you still got a rotten durian, you can always question the vendor.

And if you really need to take-away, make sure you check your durians thoroughly before you pay and leave.