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Durian Causes Sore Throat?


“Durian is very heaty, eat too much and you'll get a sore throat!” This seems to be a common reminder we get when we are eating durian, especially from elderly. The term ‘heaty’ and its opposite ‘cooling’ are actually terms used by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). They act as a classification system to describe symptoms and characteristics of certain foods and the effects they have on our body.



According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the durian is considered a heaty fruit because it can cause symptoms like sore throat, ulcer, phlegm, body rashes, and hardened or sticky stools if you eat too much of it. Thus, TCM regards durian as a nutritious fruit that has a strong ‘warming’ property.



To prevent these being heaty, diet need to be balanced by consuming something that is “cooling” such as pineapple, water melon, coconut water, barley or tea.


Well, that’s the TCM perspective; now let’s take a look in the western medicine side of explanation and saying.


Scientifically, consuming durian will indeed lead to a rise in body temperature. That is most likely due to the metabolic and chemical processes that occur in the body in order to digests the dense fruit. However, this rise in temperature will not result in any sore throat, cough or fever.


After all, I guess it is really personal to take your stand, whether you believe in TCM or the Western Medicine. Nevertheless, regardless which sides you decided to take the stand, moderation is the keyword. Consuming excessively of any food will give you problem sooner or later; balanced diet is always the key to a healthy body.
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