How To Open A Durian?

Experienced durian lovers will tend to advise others that fresh durian meat, actually taste better than those that are already packed for convenience. Is that true? Well...Fresh durian meat will certainly taste better!

But instead of trying hard to seek a durian stall for fresh durian, which may not be in your area, why not try buying and opening your own durian?

Let's check out the Step-By-Step Guide below!

1. Cut The Durian Slightly w/ Durian Knife

Lay paper or newspaper on the floor, and use a Durian Knife and make a 8 - 10 inches deep score in the outer hull.

2. Pry The Durian Apart

Dip your fingers in the cut and try to pry the durian shell open.

3. Cut The Shell Into Halves In The Middle

Cut through the middle in order to obtain more durian meat for your sumptuous durian feast!

Look! There's actually more durian meat "hidden" in the durian shell, and below the top layer of durian meat retrieved!

4. Enjoy your fresh durian feast!

These durian meat sure make our mouth watery! Hurry and try out the method mentioned above to enjoy the durian feast with your family and friends!