Is Durian High In Cholesterol?

The most common consumption trend about Durian is that when people started to grow older, they tend to be more conscious about their health and cut down / avoid the fruit they love, and that's durian.

According to old people's saying, Durian contains high level of cholesterol and shouldn't be consumed frequently, and even better still, not at all.

But is that really that case? Let's continue reading to find out more!

The answer is NO...Feeling surprised? Durian does not contain any cholesterol at all, according to The USDA National Nutrient Database.

This fact is probably not as surprising for those who are knowledgeable at Plant Biology, as plants don't contain cholesterol unlike most processed dairy products.

However, Cholesterol Fat doesn't mean unhealthy, bad for the body and should be avoided totally. In fact, moderate level of Cholesterol and Fat is actually vital for the body to keep healthy.