Nutrition Facts: Durian

Always thought that durian is just full of fats and nothing else? If you did have that mindset, then you are very wrong!

Other than just fats and calories, which people always associate with when durian is being mentioned, there are other vitamins and healthy nutrients stored in the fruit that's good for the human body!

Vitamin C

Durian flesh contains Vitamin C which help human being fight off illnesses and diseases, pacing up the healing of wounds and also helping to lower cholesterol level and encourages blood flow.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is another healthy nutrient that you can find in durian meat! It helps to keep free radials at bay and has been linked to preventing aging and heart disease. It also boost HDL (Good Cholesterol) and even aid in improving serotonin levels which lightens up your mood and ease depression.

Potassium & Tryptophan

Durian contains Potassium which is an important electrolyte that helps to control blood pressure, keep your sodium intake level stable and regulates the heart rate. On the other hand, Tryptophan is also known as The Nature's Sleeping Pill.

This chemical is metabolized into various neurotransmitters and can aid in sleep induction and even treatment for epilepsy.

Iron, Copper & Manganese

Iron & Copper is required in the formation and creation of healthy red blood cells. Durian also contains Manganese which helps to keep the bone strong and skin smooth.

Thiamin & Folic Acid

Thiamin can help the body to metabolize the carbohydrates into energy and helps to improve muscles and nerve health. To put on, Folic Acid can prevent heart diseases, fetal development for pregnant ladies, and even helps the brain to function properly.