Squirrels Know How To Pick The Good Durians?

Durian has a pungent smell, even with the husk intact; we as human being can still smell it miles away. What about the most of the wild animals that has better sense of smell than us? It is generally believed that Squirrels can pick the best Durians just by using their instinctive sense of smell. The Plantain Squirrel that is commonly found in forest or parks in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore is said to be one of the best and most commonly spotted gnawing on durians.

Photo Credit: Punny Memories

According to a few durian experts sharing, squirrel will explore the areas with loads of durian and pick the best one to enjoy. However, before they get to take pleasure in the fruit, they need much effort to even see the durian flesh.

The thick and prickly durian husk indeed gives the squirrels trouble. They have to thoroughly make a hole in the durian husk to devour the aromatic flesh. Hence, they will pick the durian that has more flesh and stronger scent.

Experienced durian pickers often shared in forums that they will tend to pick durians with squirrel holes. That is because the durians with squirrel holes are usually ripe and tasty as the squirrel had already ‘chosen’ it.

Nevertheless, the durian picker reminded, if the holes on the durian is small, it’s probably invaded with worms, hence it might not be a good choice. Moreover, it’s an undeniable fact that it’s the left-over of the wild animal which might not be clean and safe enough to consume it after all.