Stories & Legends: Philippines

Here's a compilation of Stories and Legends from Philippines!

PHILIPPINES: Durian & Vengeance


Datu's wife was a snake in reality who took the form of a woman to avenge her mother Mikunawa’s death in the Datu’s hands. She had danced before the Datu, making him marry her.

When she was about to give birth to a son, she told the Datu not to enter her room until he would be called in. But, as all absolute rulers go, the Datu grew impatient. To his shock, the Datu saw that his wife-turned-snake was giving birth to their son. The snake-woman faced the Datu and said she did what she did to avenge her mother whom the Datu had killed. Now, she said, you have to raise our son alone but on his 16th birthday he would die. After saying this, she quickly disappeared.

The Datu was left to rear his son alone whom he named “Durian” (Little Horn) and he forgot about the curse. When the son Durian was almost 16, he sickened and died. Grief-stricken, the Datu never left the gravesite until he himself became ill and lay dying but not before he observed a “green ribbon” coming out of his son’s grave until it grew into a large tree. He heard the Great Manama’s voice who told him that the tree was a memorial to his son and its fruit would feed his people long after he was gone.




In this kingdom back then, all people lived long owing perhaps to the unpolluted environment. Most of all, Bagani (Brave Hero), leader of the Bagobos became lonely for he had no wife or children.

At the age of 173, he fell in love with Madayaw-Bayhon but she did not like him. Her beauty was likened to bedewed flowers at dawn. Bagani then ate the "odoriferous" durian fruit and became young again, so that he could be of similar age to Madayaw-Bayhon.

Madayaw-Bayhon then finally fell in love with Bagani and lived happily ever after.