Stories & Legends: Thailand & China

Here's a compilation of Stories and Legends from Thailand and China!

THAILAND : The Old King

Once upon a time, when the old king was still young, he seeks help form a hermit living in the mystical forest as his forced bride did not love him at all. The hermit then provided the king with a mysterious seed, instructing the king to plant it in an auspicious plot of his palace garden.
A tree soon sprouted and bore a smooth textured, sweet and heavenly scented fruit. When the queen took a bite of the fruit, the king appeared to be handsome and dashing to the queen and she fell in love immediately with him.
However, the king failed to reward the hermit for his help and the hermit was very angry. He decided to punish the king and casted a spell over the tree that rendered its fruit foul smelling and a thick, ugly and spiky shell. From then on, the queen was repulsed by the fruit and king.

CHINA : General Zheng He & His Magic Powers

China’s significant historical figure, naval captain Zheng He (郑和) was said to have led a 15th century expedition to meet the Siamese. After arriving, his accompanying soldiers grew listless in the tropical heat and Zheng He fell ill with an upset stomach.

As the story goes, the infamous captain defecated in the forest before wrapping a piece of his excrement in a leaf and hang it on a tree. Zheng He was rumoured to have magical powers as he transformed his work of art into a delicious fruit and gave it to his soldiers, raising their morale and granting them strength.