Substitutes of Durian

If you are not ready to try out the real durian meat, more subtle tastes of the fruit may be enjoyed in a range of creative adaptions.

Durian Chips

Young durian is sliced and salted into potato-chip-style snack, also known as Durian Chips. It has a less strong taste and crispy, perfect for long journeys or picnics.

Durian Ice Cream

Durian Ice Cream is also another MUST TRY as you will be able to taste the sweet Durian flesh too when the Ice Cream melts in your mouth, suitable to consume when you have a sweet tooth and during the summer.

Durian Cheesecake

Spongy Cheesecake is also a MUST TRY is you are not prepared to face the real durian flesh pungent smell! The spongy, smooth and creamy cheesecake combined with the durian flesh makes a heavenly taste!

Durian Milkshake

People who love milkshakes and beverages look this way! Milkshake is favoured by many, including people from various age groups! The fresh milk, ice cubes is blended together with the fresh durian flesh, a perfect drink to fight of the hot summer and sweet tooth!

Durian Agar Agar

Never tried before Durian Agar Agar? It’s actually a well-known Asian traditional delicacy with a slight innovation to the taste, using durian to create a must try flavour for durian lovers! The smooth and bouncy texture, together with the beautiful appearance definitely makes your mouth water.

Durian Fritters

Durian Fritters is fresh durian flesh deep fried in oil, it’s a common and popular snack where the taste is widely accepted. The fragrance of the oil is enhanced after deep frying, adults and kids love this snack a lot!