The Neglected Durian Seed

After devouring the marvelous durian, all satisfied, what will you do to the durian seed? Most likely, we tend to just dump it in the bin. End of story. That is all because we neglect all the benefits the plain-looking durian seed possessed!

Durian seeds are usually in a rounded or heart shaped. Seeds colors ranged from yellowish brown to reddish brown. Although the durian seed contains various nutrition and benefits, it is actually poisonous when raw. That is because in an uncooked durian, it contain cyclopropene fatty acids.

Those substances, while being toxic, are also suspected to be of a carcinogenic nature, which might cause cancerous disease development later in life. Hence, keep it mind to only consume properly cooked or processed durian seeds.

For nutrition wise, the durian seed actually possessed with nutrients like Fiber, Zinc, Calcium and Carbohydrate. The durian seeds actually hold a high starch content. Being high in starch, many of food technologists and scientists regard durian seeds as a potential candidate for a lot of other food substitute.

Starchy food also carries fibers, which aids digestion and avoid constipation and other digestive problems. One of the minerals that have been postulated is highly contained in durian seeds is zinc.

It holds a vital position in our body by acting as a catalyst for more than 100 enzymes in the metabolism. The durian seeds also contain a certain amount of calcium and other healthy compounds capable of providing nutritional intake for bone and teeth.

When processed into a pulp, due to its sticky nature, durian seeds can be used as a glue to stick building materials or household appliances. As mentioned that durian seed is high in carbohydrate content, durian seeds hence can also be processed into starch.

This powder can be used to replace wheat flour that can be used at home to make cakes. This powder can also be used as primary food ingredients that have a high economic value such as glucose. Syrup-shaped glucose can be used in various industries of medicine, food, and sweeteners.

Other durian seed benefits are used for chips. High starch content makes durian seeds can be processed into chips. Unusual durian chips you can make a business opportunity that will provide many benefits in the future.

Durian consists of flesh 20-35%, husk/peel 60-75%, and seed (5-15%). Hence, the next time you eat durian, maximize its usage! However, if it is for consuming, ensure it is thoroughly cooked.

A professional advised: “Soak the seeds in water to remove all the durian flesh completely. Boil it like a potato, peel the outer skin and finally eat it.”

Some commented that the taste of a boiled durian seed actually taste like chalky potato without flavour.

To know more, why not try it yourself!?