Top 3 Uses of Durian Husk

Other than its unique and pungent smell, durian is also easily identifiable by its look. The prickly, thorny outer shell of a durian makes it look intimidating yet special. Here, we are going to explore more about the outer shell of the durian or what we refer to as the husk of the durian.

  1. Neutralization Effect

Durians husk actually helps to neutralize the effects of durian after we eat it. What do we mean? Some common effects after eating durians is an increase in blood pressure and temperature. Chinese refer to this effect as ‘heatiness’. 'Heatiness' in the body leads to sore throats and mouth ulcers. 

People believe that by drinking water from the husk, it helps to neutralize the heatiness of eating durians and 'cool' the body down. To do so, fill plain water into the concave part of the durian husk and simply drink from it! Although some dispute the truth to this, it’s up to individuals to find out themselves!

  1. Eliminate Durian Smell

Use a durian husk to remove durian smell? Although it sounds a little contradicting, but this is really the case!

According to researchers, the source of a durian’s pungent smell comes from the sulphur compound found in it. At the same time, they also found a compound called 5-Hydroxy-methyl-furfural (5-HMF) in the durian husk. These 5-HMF compounds can actually act as a deodorizer which neutralizes the smell of durians.

To remove the durian smell on your hand, simply wash your hands with the durian husk or scrub your fingers against the husk to eliminate the stench.

And it gets better, the durian husk works in a similar way to rid oneself of the durian after-breath too! Firstly, pour salt water into the durian husk, then use a fork or a spoon to scrape the sides so that the compounds from the durian husk mix with the salt water. Rinse and gargle your mouth with the water to magically eliminate durian breath.

  1. Durian Husk Paper

Durian husk is also used as a material to make handmade paper. You can make artistic paper with patterns out of durian husk pulp.

To begin, split some durian husks into small pieces. Boil them to soften the husk, then mash it into pulp using a blender. Next, use a mould and deckle to make it into paper.

In fact, with some creativity, durian husk can be made into other artistic products like various functional boxes, block notes, ornaments, and many more!