Types of Durians: Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the dominating Durian Fruit Exporter in the world. It exports The King of Fruits to countries like China, Singapore and even the United States!

What's so special about Durians from Malaysia? Let's check out the 10 most popular durians in Malaysia below!

Musang King

Not to be confused but Musang King has other names like Cat Mountain King, Rajah Kunyit and Mao Shan Wang (猫山王) too!

Due to its smooth, buttery and bright yellow flesh, it has earned itself another title of being the Butter Durian where all durian lovers are fond of!

Golden Phoenix

Just like its mandarin name Jin Feng (金凤) , the durian has thin and spiky thorns that looks similar to a Phoenix. The flesh has a slightly lighter shade of yellow, and not as firm to hold compared to Musang King.

The durian flesh is bittersweet and has a stronger smell compared to the other durian species.



The name XO is derived from its fermented taste and is extremely soft to hold. For those that would like to try their 'not so typical sweet durian', this is one of the alternative as the durian meat has a bitter taste to it.


The D24 durian is also known as Sultan Durian and is one of the well known durian species alongside Musang King. The flesh is golden yellowish in colour, creamy texture with a bittersweet taste---A Heavenly Combination!


Unlike the other species mentioned above, the D13 durian is brown orange in colour. The flesh is sweet, less fibrous, with large seeds and easier to eat.

Most importantly, the D13 durian is recommended by bloggers for those first time trying, as the smell is less pungent.


For those that prefer durian with more flesh, the D1 durian is definitely one of the choices and it has smaller seeds compared to the others. The milky taste and slight crunchiness will make you crave for the fruit even more!


Craving for durians but on a diet plan?

Fear not as you can choose to have these D101 durians where its less sweet but creamy, however it will not affect the overall taste of the meat!

Red Prawn

The name Red Prawn is derived from its striking Orange Red Flesh compared to the other durian species. The Orange Red Durian also has a name in mandarin called Hong Xia (红虾) and Ang Hay in dialect.

The flesh is sweet but a bit more sticky, so be sure to clean up thoroughly after consumption!

Green Bamboo

The Name Green Bamboo, also known as Qing Zhu (青竹) in mandarin, is derived from its greenish yellow colour just like the bamboo. The meat is sweet and fibrous for easier digestion.

However, it has a harder shell compared to the others, making it a little more difficult to open the durian and retrieve the meat.

Black Pearl

Last but not least, the Black Pearl, also known as Hei Zhen Zhu (黑珍珠) in mandarin, is derived from its pale greyish yellow colour just like a pearl.

It is smooth and creamy in texture, but is slightly bitter and has small seeds and lesser flesh compared to the other durian types.