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Types of Durians: Thailand

Do you know that there are approximately 234 types of Durians in Thailand?

Let's not be taken aback by the number of variety and find out more about the 3 primary types of Durians in Thailand!

Monthong (ทุเรียนหมอนทอง)

Monthong means Golden Pillow in Thai and is probably the most widespread Durian in Thailand; It’s also the most famous exported variety.

The fruit is large, often 3 – 5 kilos per fruit and is characterized by large triangular spikes. The flesh of the fruit is very meaty and can be considered one of the least pungent in both aroma and flavor. It’s rich and sweet.

Monthong has many small, shrunken (aborted) seeds. This cultivar is very good for processing into preserved frozen pulps. It bears fruit after 8 years of planting.

Chanee (ทุเรียนชะนี)

Chanee means Gibbon in Thai and belongs to the Luang Cultivar Group. This is an early variety which bears fruit 4-6 years after planting. The fruit is 2 - 4.5 kg, oval to broad cylindrical, lobed and greyish brown.

The bright yellow pulp is thick, fine textured, firm, creamy smooth, sweet and of excellent taste.

Chanee is more pungent, softer, more buttery than compared to the infamous Monthong Durian. However, the slight bitter taste of the Chanee Durian adds a twist to the flavor and earns its spot as one of the more popular Thailand Durian Variety.

Kanyao (ทุเรียนก้านยาว)

Kanyao means Long Stem Durian in Thai and is one of the most expensive and high class durian to eat in Thailand. It’s medium in size and distinct due to the long thick peduncle of 10 - 14 cm and volleyball shape.

The flesh is very sweet, incredibly creamy and even when overripe it doesn’t become too mushy.

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