Weirdest Durian Combinations: Singapore

We all heard of durians as the king of fruit, the fruit that reflects extreme reaction in people. You either love or hate this, it’s either too strange or works well for you.. Nowadays, businesses tend to come up with various creative ideas to attract customers. You definitely heard before durian moon cake, durian puff and durian cake, but you might not have come across some weirdest combination of durians which you are going to read the next minute!

Durian Prata

Source: Seth Lui

If you love Roti Prata and you love durians, then perhaps you should try out the Durian Prata! A crisp and chewy prata layer enclosing the aromatic, creamy and bittersweet durian filling, add up to make a brilliant creation! You can find this in Singapore famous The Roti Prata House and restaurant which occasionally served durian themed buffet.

Durian Fried Rice

Source: Danielfooddiary

Just the look at the title of the dish probably brings a frown to your face. Nevertheless, give it a second thought; the pungent durian scent that burst from the yellowish egg rice might actually taste very good. With durian flesh fried together with rice and huge portion of seafood such as scallops and prawns. You can check out this special dish in Singapore at Escape Restaurant & Lounge at One Farrer Hotel & Spa.

Durian Chee Cheong Fun


Chee Cheong Fun is a Cantonese dim sum dish which actually refers to steamed rice roll. Chee Cheong Fun is usually served with a thick sweet sauce or with light soy sauce, which makes a perfect breakfast or dim sum. Wait a minute! How about a durian chee cheong fun?  At the House of Rice Rolls and Porridge in Singapore, they offer the unique and unusual durian cheong fun! Inside the Durian Cheong Fun is a huge amount of creamy durian crush is stuffed into rice rolls and served chilled sugared peanuts spread on top.

Durian Steamboat

Yes, just imagine durians swimming in the soup - The King Durian Steamboat. At the Charcoal Thai Restaurant in Singapore, a simmering pot of chicken stock is served with a few chunks of durian flesh floating around the broth. If you are curious of its taste and courage enough, go ahead and give this steamboat a try.

Fried Durian Ice Cream


Durian ice cream seems acceptable among all these weird combination here, but adding the word fried literally brings the dish to the next level of weirdness?! The famous Mao Shan Wang durian ice cream enclosed by the golden coloured deep fried crisp crust while sitting on top of a mango sauce puddle!? Durian lovers can head down to Restaurant Majestic in Singapore for this unique dessert!