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Weirdest Durian Combinations: China

Amazed by the Weirdest Durian Combinations in Singapore? Let's check out a few more creative food dishes from China!

Durian Pizza

This Durian Pizza was made available in China by Pizza Hut in 2016! So for those that doesn't like Pineapples & Peppers as the toppings, how about some durian meat with mozzarella cheese instead?

Durian Burger

Forget blue cheese, tomatoes and onions! Try creamy durian as your burger dressing instead! Think its strange and disgusting? Would you garner the courage to try it? This is perhaps more suitable for those who are lactose-intolerant.

Durian Chicken Soup

This is definitely not your typical grandmother's herbal soup. If you're a hardcore durian lover and keen to attempt cooking this at home, check out our Durian Food Recipe: Main Course Article!

Durian Noodles

Created in Nanjiang City(南疆)in China. This tangy noodle, topped with durian flesh and vegetables is selling like hot cakes according to various local news media in China!

Durian Hot Pot

China...Or maybe durian did it again! This time the Chinese present you with an outlandish combo of Durian + Hotpot. Would you substitute your Spicy Soup(麻辣烫)for this?

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