How to Enjoy Durian to the Fullest:

6 Foods and Drinks to Avoid Consuming with Durian

Durian, also known as the “King of Fruits,” is a beloved tropical fruit that is widely enjoyed in Southeast Asia. Its unique and pungent taste has made it a favorite among many food enthusiasts, but did you know that there are some food and drink items that should not be consumed together with durian? 
Before you indulge in your next durian feast, take a moment to learn about the six foods and drinks that are not advised to be consumed with durian.


Durian contains high levels of sulfur, which can inhibit the enzymes in the liver responsible for breaking down alcohol. As a result, consuming durian and alcohol together can cause the body to struggle to break down the alcohol, leading to feelings of sickness and discomfort. It's best to avoid alcohol if you plan on enjoying durian.

Milk Product

Durian contains high levels of potassium, which can interfere with the absorption of calcium in the body. Consuming milk products with durian can cause an increase in blood pressure and even fatal consequences in rare cases. It's best to avoid mixing these two foods.

Caffeine Drinks

Consuming caffeine with durian can cause cardiac failure. Durian contains high levels of potassium, which can cause an electrolyte imbalance in the body when combined with caffeine. It's best to avoid drinking caffeine when you're planning on enjoying durian.


Eggplant and durian are both considered to be "heaty" foods in traditional Chinese medicine. Consuming them together can cause the body to become overly warm, leading to illness. It's best to avoid combining these two foods.

Seafood Crab

Durian is classified as a "heaty" food, while seafood crab is considered a "cooling" food. Consuming both of these foods at the same time can cause the digestive system to become confused and upset, leading to discomfort and potentially even illness. It's best to avoid combining these two foods.

Beef & Mutton

Red meat is also considered to be a "heaty" food, and consuming it with durian can increase the heat in the body, leading to illness. It's best to avoid consuming beef or mutton when planning on enjoying durian.

In conclusion, while durian is a delicious and unique fruit, it is important to be mindful of the foods and drinks you consume alongside it. To fully enjoy the durian experience, it is best to consume it on its own or with compatible foods that do not pose any health risks.